Niall Buckley

Ethical Hacking Student and Otaku

About Me

picture of meHello, my name is Niall and I am studying Ethical Hacking and Network Security at Coventry University. I have a very large interest in anime and anything to do with it, this website is a showcase of me combining the programming that I am self learning and being taught with a little bit of anime on top.


c++ logo - C++11 50%

python logo - Python 2.7/3.5 70%

bash logo - Bash 80%

html logo - HTML 5 35%

github logo - GitHub 50%

metasploit logo - Metasploit 40%


This section is for my current projects. Some I have done in my spare time as I enjoy learning new things, others I have done with a group at University.

Click on the buttons at either side of the window to find out more about them

programming pic

Wordlist management tool with a variety of useful functions
Web Directory and Files brute forcing tool
iOS app to notify myself if someone knocked on my door and to notify flatmates of my whereabouts
BeagleBone Motion Sensor
Group Uni project to notify user via email and sms of detected motion
Contact Me

Feel free to contact me about anything. If you would like a response please leave your email and I will get back to you as soon as possible.